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Country Home Loans

Living in the country affords you the opportunity to live life at a slower pace and live it on your own terms. 

Country Home Loans in the Upper Midwest

Getting away from the rat race whether for a weekend or for a permanent home is the dream of many midwesterners. People dream of a life with no rush hour, chirping birds, and more open space.

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Mortgages for Country Homes

Country Homes can be a simple or complicated process with all the changes in the mortgage process since the financial crisis of 2008. Northview Bank has numerous programs for these types of properties, while many mortgage brokers offer only  couple. By offering a myriad of options we are able to overcome the challenges that arise due to property conditions and keep your country home loan moving forward.

Northview Bank’s locations are all in areas where country homes are normally financed, so what may seem odd to some banks is normal to us. Country homes come in a variety of condition and construction types - manufactured, stick-built, log, modular, etc. They also come in a variety of conditions and ages along with other anomalies that create challenges in the lending process for banks that are unfamiliar with the variety of country homes.

Many Loan Options

Northview Bank has been financing country homes for decades. Our experience and the range of loans we offer ensure a smooth process for you. We offer a full spectrum of mortgage loans for primary and secondary homes, including FHA, VA, USDA rural development, conventional, conventional insured, and direct loans. We have programs available for stick-built, log, and manufactured housing. If you buy a property, regardless of the type, we can find the best financing option for you, saving you time and getting you into your country home sooner. Concerned about the down payment? We have many low down payment programs available.

Fast Approval on Country Home Financing

Since we underwrite our conventional mortgages in-house, we can give you fast turnaround times for approvals. Servicing is also kept local, so if you have a question on your loan, you can get an answer from a real person in a timely manner.

Country Home? We’ll Help You Get There

If you’re ready to buy that country home of your dreams you can start now—just click here to get prequalified.

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Jeremy Byers

VP, Branch Manager/Loan Officer

Specialty: Home Purchases, Home Refinances, Second Home Loans, Construction Loans, Manufactured Home Financing, Seasonal Cabin Financing, Land Financing, Lake Lot Financing

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Keith Skelton

VP/Loan Officer

Specialty: Conventional Home Financing, Seasonal Home Financing, Manufactured Home Financing, Land Financing, Construction Financing

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Paul Troskey

Vice President/Market Manager

Specialty: Business Lending

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Tom Willie

Loan Officer

Specialty: Home Purchases, Home Refinances, Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Construction Loans, Seasonal Cabin Financing, Land Financing, Lake Lot Financing, Consumer Financing

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Judy Nelson

VP/Branch Manager - Askov Office

Specialty: Consumer loans, Land Loans, Home Equity Mortgages, In-House ARM Mortgages

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Shelly Lough

Vice President – Loan Officer

Specialty: Consumer Lending

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Karen Raitanen

VP, Branch Manager/Loan Officer

Specialty: Land and Lake Lot Financing, Home Equity Loans, Personal Lending, & Business Loans

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Bev Swenson

Branch Manager

Specialty: Consumer Lending Land Financing

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Traver Gahler

Vice President/Branch Manager

Specialty: Home Purchases, Home Refinances, Construction Loans, Seasonal Cabin Financing, Land Financing, Lake Lot Financing

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Debra Stadin

VP/Branch Manager Kerrick Office

Specialty: Consumer Lending

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Kyle Shepherd

Vice President – Loan Officer

Specialty: First Time Home Buyers, USDA – Rural Development Loans, FHA, New Construction Loans, Land Loans, Home Equity Loans, Manufactured Homes

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Chad Johnsen

Vice President/Branch Manager

Specialty: Home Purchases, Home Refinances, Construction Loans, Land Financing, Lake lot Financing & Seasonal Cabin Financing

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Bill Loew

Executive Vice President

Specialty: Business, Agricultural

Contact Bill

Carrie Conner

Vice President - Loan Officer

Specialty: USDA RD, VA, FHA & Conventional

Contact Carrie

Riley J Snow

VP/Branch Manager

Specialty: Consumer and In-House Real Estate Financing

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